Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joe Sorren

This weekend, I did one of my favorite things: Gallery hopping. While hopping, I made my usual trip to Cal State Fullerton's Grand Central Art gallery. They always have some sort of retrospective gallery featuring a well known artist (or a collection of works from well known artists) and this time around they were showing "Interruption" by Joe Sorren. I have never heard of Sorren before then, and I must say, I am now quite the hardcore fan. In my time at his exhibition, I was floored, humored, moved, and most importantly, inspired. His work remonds me of a cross between George Condo and Yashimoto Nara. I've chosen to post some of my favorites from the exhibit, and I recommend google-ing him if you are an art fanatic as I am. My favorite one is that last one, with the white monster. I somewhat connected with the guy in my, like, five minutes in front of the painting. Look at it and play Annie Lennox's "Lost" in the background. And prepare to feel emotion.

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  1. beyond cool. the last one is my favourite!

    xx raez