Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flourescent Beige

Vintage blazer and sweater. BDG beanie.

No joke, I've had this hat since my freshman year of high school. The other day, I was totally thinking about it after looking at Tommy Ton's beautiful photos of fashion insiders on the street wearing all neutrals with bright, bright colors and wondered if I still had it. I dug it up and wore it the next day.. and the next. I'm really loving that whole chic-ski look, with wintery prints and knits (and it's March..) In other news, John Galliano on an anti-semitic rant.. WTF! Gaga Born This Way video.. Epic. And just watched the Balenciaga show.. Amazing!


  1. I love your hat! And I'm ridiculously excited that everyone is wearing color lately - I'm ready for Spring now!


  2. Love the pairing of neutral and lime! you're a genius!

    xx raez