Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lite Brite

Express shirt. Vintage skirt and shoes. Target socks.

Although my main wardrobe selections have been predominantly black lately, I still do love color. I mean, even someone drowing in a black Haider Ackermann confection can still truly appreciate a Jil Sander neon blazer. I recently had Raf Simons visions of an all pink skirted ensemble with black socks/shoes in my mind so I decided to hunt the components down on my own. Some vintage searching over a period of time lead me to a longer silhoutette then Simons's, but that same in-your-face color and shock. I wore it out to my friend's 22nd birthday as well as to a "quiet" Monday night at another friend's house. There is definitely more color coming... even a dark horse likes feel the sun sometimes.


  1. You look amazing ! Love your outfit ! I make illustrations you should love on :

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  2. Thanks! love the pink and LOVE the header