Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ali's House And Imitations

I am writing to you from the fabulous Ali's house. Ali is my best friend (yes, this is sounding like the blog I posted a while ago at Anna's house, but Anna, Ali and I... We are a trio.) The three of us are at Ali's "getting ready" for our senior project tomorrow (we are dying Anna and Ali's hair and gossiping and eating... Yes, that's how we spend our time.) We just came back from a shopping expedition at the new Forever 21 that opened at an extremely local shopping center (happy!) as well as a pizza run. We also introduced a close friend to Forever 21 style which was really fun. That's what the Fashionistas do! (yes, we call ourselves the Fashionistas. I know. You're jealous!) So, the giant two-story (two-story!) Forever 21 had it's grand opening on Saturday and I bought a pair of army green jodhpurs that were very Balenciaga-esque. They looked a little something like this:

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Cute, right? They were on sale for EIGHT BUCKS and I could not pass them up. It was a swift purchase. I got a pair in black too, and I think I am going to wear the black ones tomorrow for my senior presentation. I'm thinking black jodhpurs, black turtleneck, black leather boots, and some kind of chunky necklace.

In addition to my imitation Balenciagas, I also came across some pictures of Nicole Richie looking a whole lot like an imitation Lady Gaga. Didn't Nicole have her own cute, boho thingy going on? Couldn't she just have stuck with that? I mean, it was a photoshoot for BlackBook magazine, but if I were Nicole, I would have said something and stuck up for my own fabulous style. Why use someone else's? Don't get me wrong- even I like to dress like Lady Gaga sometimes. I love trying other people's styles out. But for a national magazine, I would want to show my own style that I made famous.

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Anyways, wish me luck on my presentation tomorrow. I promise to post more because Spring Break is next week!

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