Friday, January 8, 2010

Are you ready to jump?

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I love this black silk jumpsuit of mine. It's vintage and it was seriously only $2. Ah-mazing. You can't really see the details of it (bad picture) but its got quite a bit of pockets. I wear this thing all the time, it's so reliable. Worn with sandals I got at some random store at Main Place. I had an interview today, and I wore this jumpsuit with a black cardigan, black vintage clutch (Anna's) and black vintage wingtips.
This jumpsuit is so much fun. It's so versatile and so easy to wear, and a definite day-to-night transition piece (although I have yet to wear it out at night.) I got it like a year ago, and I used it in a photoshoot (look in my archives. It's in the photoshoot I did with Elise.) Can't wait to wear more of it this year!

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  1. it these awesome classic finds that make going to the thrift store worth while...amazing jumper!