Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Couple Of Hot Tomatoes

Vintage jacket, shirt, and clutch, H&M shorts, F21 boots.

A run to the Cheesecake Factory, the bank, Borders, and Target right before it closed. That was my friday night. At Borders, my friend Ali took over as artistic director and photographed me around the store. Not the best quality photos (bad lighting and no flash), but I love what I'm wearing. Better shot of the jacket...

I recently got this jacket from a thrift store. I'm, like, obsessed with it. It looks like what would happen if Issey Miyake desinged a sportswear line. I was kind of bummed out because when we left Borders, it was raining, and the jacket is silk. Thankfully, no damage was done. Can't wait to wear this one again!


  1. :O Im a little in love with your jacket too!!
    Great find :)
    thanks for the sweet comments
    stop back soon! <3 xx

  2. i loveeee your jackett hoe<3 you always look fabulous! <3

  3. love the jacket. want to send it to me? k thx. ha jk. you have great style.