Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thrifted tank, H&M pants, Zara shoes, vintage bag.

I got these insane pants while in Chicago and fell in love with them because of how outlandish and how un-me they were (I usually hate the color orange). They're a showstopping pair of pants that get stares where ever I take them. I wore this outfit to Freakcity LA on Saturday. I was hoping on seeing M.I.A. there (I didn't), and I ended up instead hanging out in the alley outside most of the time. I also almost got beat up by a belligerent Andy Dick, which other than wearing these pants and hearing M.I.A.'s song Teqkilla, was the highlight of night.


  1. sounds fun. i called my last facebook album xxxo ha. also those pants are sick! i love them! x

  2. Those pants so cool:)