Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Know I Know I Know

Thrifted tank, vintage shredded denim shorts, F21 sandals.

Southern California has been an absolute oven these past few days. Monday, it was 113 degrees. Um, eww! I hate hot weather almost as much as I hate flip-flop wedges. Since it's been hot, I've been wearing nothing but tank tops with either short-shorts or loose, lightweight pants. I hope mother nature decides to stop this soon, though. Till then, it's barely-there clothes and Mocha Ice Storms from Nordstrom's coffee bar.

I got these shorts at Wasteland on my birthday and haven't worn them till today. They are beyond over the top. They are also beyond big. I need to find a good black belt for them. And the sandals.. haven't posted. Ever. Which is odd because I wear them almost everyday. They were on sale when I bought them but debated wether they were right to buy, as they are a little S&M. I bought them anyways (obviously).


  1. really like the look
    the shredded denim shorts are amazing!

  2. Great style Nathaniel, great to see your a risk taker! I definitely like that, also love those Vinyl shorts you have cut, they look great!!! you've made my day. x


    (how do i follow your blog???)

  3. get a tan for me!! looks like fun!


  4. love this look - the sandals are fab xxx

  5. love ur sandals! i want theeeem lol


  6. "I hate hot weather almost as much as I hate flip-flop wedges."

    LOL! I agree! Also, love those sandals, good buy!