Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have been working on the last drama show of my high school career (the finale was last night. Almost too emotional!) and PROM is tonight! I would like to post a picture of what I will be wearing tonight, but I'd rather wait till after.
I guess I will just post some of my recent fashion adventures. Enjoy!

So my best friend Ali had an art showing not too long ago. My friend Alyssa (that's her in the picture) took pictures and I barely got to see them, like, today. I wanted to dress a bit artsy (because, uh, it was an art show) and this is what I looked like.

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As I said earlier, this week was the week of my last drama show. I find that in the week of any drama show, I wear some really good outfits. This week was no exception.

Monday, I looked very Ann Demeulemeester Fall 07. Think this look with the white pants and black boots. I wore a white tee, black shawl-neck cardigan, and gray fur stole.

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Tuesday, I looked very Balenciaga Fall 07. Again. There is just something about that collection that I thoroughly liked. I looked almost identical to this, minus the scarf and heels.

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Friday, I looked like Kate Moss.

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You know, most people might think, "What a copycat." I know I'm a copycat. But what I do is take a look I love and make it my own. And from what I hear, it always works.

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