Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ate All Your Razors

H&M sweater and pants, F21 sunglasses and rings, Deena & Ozzy shoes.

For some reason, I have been completely smitten with these pants lately. I want to wear them like 24/7. I got them at H&M sometime last year, and they are so comfortable and so lightweight. Ideal for summer. I call them my "jean genie" pants.

This past Thursday I saw Sex And The City 2 with my girlfriends. We loved it! The acting was great, the storylines were amazing, but most importantly, the fashion was to die for! I recommend it to all fashionistas.


  1. the dress samantha wore during the karaoke scene was my favorite.

  2. wow, it's like 'denim meets harem', this is absolutely original for all the right reasons

  3. THose trousers looks amazing. Perfect with those shoes. I agree with AttemptingStyle, that dress was awesome on Samantha - those shoulders!
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.

  4. Yours is the first positive review I've heard so far for SATC2! I haven't seen it yet, and I've been getting a little scared to see it from hearing all the negativity surrounding it - but now you've got me excited for it again :) Oh, and I love your shoes, as always!


  5. love the trousers - iv seen it twice now i really loved it x