Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't Call My Name

H&M sweater. Vintage pants. F21 boots.

I recently got these amazing vintage pants on a rare thrifting spree. The kind when you walk out of the store with more than one good thing and everything you bought was half-off and you spent about $16 total. Yes, that was my Tuesday night. A good night. I saw these pants and had to try them on. Look at the Thierry Mugler-esque detail on the sides! So incredible.

The sweater I'm wearing- totally crazy. It's really long and extremely diaphanous. Not your sweater for the Winter time. Fortunately, Summer is right around the corner, which means "Yay" for see-through sweaters! (I really need to stop talking about the weather on my blog. I sound like an 80 year old woman who is addicted to the Weather Channel.)

I would also like to point out that I know you may be getting bored of my minimalist, shirt-pants-F21 boot outfits. So am I. More embellished and less plain outfits to come!


  1. OoOoOoHHH! i love your pants! :) ever since you explained them to me yesterday, i was envisioning it, and they're even more amazing! :) worrrrrkk it guuuuurl! <3

  2. Loving the pants...better than those harem pants going around. I love how you always change your hair...very inspiring =)

  3. hey, if the clothes have the details its not such a big deal.

  4. The detailing is perfect. An amazing vintage find!

  5. Fab fab, Vintage baby:)