Monday, August 30, 2010

Teenage Dream

Wasteland jumper, Steve Madden shoes.

It feels good to be 19! (Even though it's kind of an awkward age.) I bought this jumper on my birthday (this past Saturday) at Wasteland on Melrose. Although Wasteland is a vintage store, this jumper was there, and I'm 99% sure it's not vintage, but there is no label on it, so I'm gonna credit it as the "Wasteland jumper." I wore the Wasteland jumper spontaneously to dinner that night, and had a lovely time. I felt like I was part Vivienne Westwood model, part Gwen Stefani. The shoes on the other hand hurt like crazy the whole day. The excessive leather straps dug into my skin and I am still not enjoying walking, even in flats. Oh well. The prices one will pay to be fabulous.


  1. you're working those shapes! & trust me, i've just reached club 20, i wish i was 19...

  2. This is so model like. I have never seen a person work stripes better

    Mucho Love

  3. That jumper is HOT! Love it! And even if those shoes are killing your feet, I'd never guess it from these pictures - you look fab! :)


  4. great posing:) love your jumper!