Sunday, August 22, 2010

This World, Then The Fireworks

F21 turban, Andrew Marc leather jacket, vintage tank top and pants, nameless sandals.
Wore this old Hollwood/ Waris Ahluwalia-esque last night to a friend's gallery reception in Santa Monica and to a party. Bad idea for the party. After having beer spewed all over the pants (which are silk)and just being a monster all night, my new pants are hanging up to dry after being handwashed. *sigh* Oh well. Pray for those pants!

One more week till my birthday!


  1. Oh no! I hate to hear of beer being spilled on silk, it breaks my heart! Did the pants survive? And hey, it's almost your birthday! Happy Birthday!! :D


  2. OMG, you're THE boss. love your style! great blog. xoxo

  3. SOOO TOOOOP Darling:)