Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Energy's In The Air

F21 poncho, vintage chambray shirt, clutch, and boots, Target leggings.

As of now, I am obsessed with this white hooded poncho I scored at Forever 21. It's gonna be my new best friend, I can already tell. It's just so cool, and I love the fringe at the bottom. Unfortunately, it didn't keep me warm at all today (it was sunny as hell but freezing and terribly windy, I love California). But that's okay. I am among the few that would freeze for an amazing poncho.


  1. you made a poncho look cool. nathaniel, you are the raddest boy in the worldddd.

  2. LOVE the poncho. So awesome.
    Great blog.

  3. love the poncho - i need one in my life x