Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Start Of Something New

On Me: H&M jumpsuit, F21 sunglasses, vintage clutch, nameless sandals. On Ali: H&M striped shirt, F21 leggings and sunglasses, Steve Madden Bag, Betsey Johnson necklace, nameless sandals. On Anna: F21 dress and sunglasses, Juicy Couture bag, Target leggings, UO sandals, nameless hat.

The official start of Spring Break! Me and my girls headed to Venice Beach. The day included walking from Vencie to the Santa Monica Pier (and back!), more kush "doctors" than one could count, beautiful men, creepy old guys walking by the water, hunger, and difficult parking. A great way to kick off our first college spring break.

P.S. The jumpsuit I'm wearing: Loooove! On sale for $15! Great buy. I had to wear my hair in my face because when to the side, I look like I should be in some Tranny circus. Hair in face makes it less tranny but still very androgynous.


  1. agreed on the hair in the face. looks awesome.

  2. & in response to your comment, i'm from las cruses, NM, which is like an hour from the border, sp cholas/los errywhurr. makes for some interesting fashion choices in my middle school pictures...

  3. wow envy ur outfit - u look fab x

  4. i love the sandals! is the jumpsuit a recent purchase?

    Walk of Fashion

  5. haha, sadly i never jumped on the BET train.