Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Is My Temporary Home

H&M tee, Rogan for Target wide-leg jeans, Deena & Ozzy shoes.

Sorry for the lack of a post over the past few days. It's spring break for me and I'm a bit of a party monster. I can't help it.

I recently found these Rogan for Target jeans I bought, like, two years ago and decided to take them out on a spin again. I've seriously been living in this look for the past few days, it's just an all around easy outfit.

As for the title of this post, it's from that new Carrie Underwood song, "Temporary Home." Mind you, I am not a country fan, but I love Carrie and I love this song. I have to admit it's a tear-jerker, and I will admit that a tear (or two) came out the first time I heard it.

Here's to more spring break escapades, it's almost halfway over.


  1. they dont look particularly wide legged to me, but i like them regardless. cute as alwayyys.

  2. love this casual chic look! I'm from Georgia so i LOVE country..I'll have to send over a couple of good songs =)


    Party Hardy!