Thursday, April 15, 2010

Every Day And Night

Vintage Pierre Cardin shirt. F21 belt, jodhpurs, and boots.

I did it. I got my bowl cut. I have to say, I kind of hate it right now, but I know that in a few days, I will be crazy about it. That's how I am with my hair.

I've noticed that I've been, as Harper's Bazaar calls it, shopping my closet. I haven't been shopping in a while, nor have I wanted to go shopping in a while. I've been rediscovering some great pieces in my closet like this belt and pair of jodhpurs (not to mention the blazer and cargos in my last outfit post.) I'm kind of happy that I've been rewearing all these things. I have such great memories in all my clothes, and rewearing them just gives me the freedom to make new ones.

I've also noticed that I buy things based on other things they remind me of. This belt, for instace, I bought because it reminded me of Balenciaga S/S 08 crossed with Alaia. Those pants? Balenciaga F/W 07. When you're not born with a last name like Vanderbilt, you do like I do: buy good knockoffs.

P.S. This outfit was inspired by one of my favorite Vogue editorials ever. March 2010, "Military Issue" photographed by the master, Mario Testino.


  1. ooh, this outfit is perfect. the belt + pants esp. its nice to see a little more embellishment from you now and then :) && i love the hair. love.

  2. Very cool outfit!

  3. LOVE the trousers and check you and your belt out! x

  4. ohhhh that belt is sick & I LOVE your bowl cut! I bet NOONE has that cut and pulling it off like you are!

  5. hello you. i LOVE the hair. the belt is hot too!!