Monday, April 12, 2010

Grey Gardens

Norma Kamali blazer, F21 cargos and boots, H&M t-shirt, thrifted scarf.

The weatherman lies. Well, sort of. It was supposed to rain today. I woke up and it was sunny and happy, so instead of going with my cheap riding boots (my usual rain gear,) I wore my fave F21 booties. I got to school and, of course, it started raining. So I'm running around in this great outfit trying not to get soaked. I didn't thankfully, and it stopped raining after that. I'm happy the gray stayed around, though. It (oddly) always makes my day better.


  1. hah, yes, we do walk the walk! && doesn't that always happen? you dress for the morning and the weather flips on you.

  2. Ah I hate weather-people, they're always wrong! But I'm glad your outfit made it through the rain - love the boots!


  3. nice shoot, we love it !
    we think you are not like the others guys who love fashion, u have some's special and we reallyl ike it !
    good job !

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam


  4. love the poses & haute oufit! & I LOVE NUDE too!