Friday, March 19, 2010

Glitter On The Wet Street

Vintage cardigan and bag, H&M t-shirt and pants, F21 boots.

Snapped a few (grainy) photos of my outfit last night at Forever 21 as I was waiting for my friend Ali to get out of the dressing room. We were going to a bowling function for my school's Fashion Club, in which I managed to only make one strike and not win any of the prizes given out. (I didn't even win lowest score!) As for the title of this post, the streets were not wet, It's actually been really hot in SoCal lately. It's a great change from the arctic weather we've seen in past weeks, but I kind of want to retire the sandals and bring back the fur. Spring is almost here, but I just wish Winter wasn't leaving so fast! But if Winter were to stick around, that would mean no Spring break, which is coming up in, like, a week! No plans yet, but I guess we'll see what happens when it comes.


  1. i would have won lowest score for suree if i was there. my high score is 110... its pretty sad.

  2. you look great...and I think I have those same boots from forever21...are they the Greta boot..and have a wedged heel??

  3. thanks for your comment nathaniel. loving the outfit - sexy boots.