Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leggings Leggings Leggings!

As the weather in Southern California only seems to be getting hotter as the year ends, I've found a piece of clothing that allows coverage and a cool breeze: leggings.

So far, I've only worn leather (of course) leggings a few times to school and around town, but I've never expanded my legging collection beyond that (well, I have some gold and silver leggings from some shows I did in high school, but I never wear them out, so they don't count.) Today, I bought a pair of royal blue electric leggings (as I call them) from Forever 21 and a pair of faded blue denim jeggings (leggings that are like jean pants) from H&M. They were both cheap buys, and I can't wait to wear them.

My inspiration when it comes to leggings is Kanye West's girlfriend/muse, Amber Rose. I've been infatuated with her style lately. She dresses like an 80's new wave superhero everyday, which I think is so cool. Check her out!

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Okay, so in that last photo, she's wearing a bodysuit, but still, she looks very strong, chic, and different. LOVE her.

Can't wait to show you all my future outfits that include intense leggigns!

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